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For reliable news about Lake Victoria, tune in to RLV 92.1FM  
In 1992 when the organization began, the management team saw the need to start Environmental Education Department, with the aim of reaching out to people to address the issues facing our environment such as global warming, climate change and increased pollution as a result of rapid urbanization and industrialization in the region. Read more..
First Source Agribusiness Kenya Limited (FSK) is a joint venture created by three different organizations based in the USA and Kenya. These partners are, HPI-Oceantec, First Source USA and Osienala (Friends of Lake Victoria). FSK is proposing an Integrated Agriculture for improvement of Community Livelihoods in Rachuonyo Read more..
In general, COSMER-LAV Programme was formulated to address the many development challenges, problems and issues in all fronts, which variably threatened Lake Victoria as an ecosystem. Such problems included but not limited to Poverty; Pollution and waste Water disposal; Degradation of water quality, Poor ecological sanitation and domestic rain-water and well-water management systems; Poor land use management systems; Degradation of Read more..
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